I don’t really even remember how I came to get the nickname ‘Flag’. But it’s been the name that all my friends, and even family, have called me since I was about 5.

I do remember learning flags of the world with my grandpa. He had this deck of cards with nations flags on them, and would pull one out at random, hold it up and get me to name the country. I got really good at it. But I think that came after the name!

So this site is just my general blog home of nothingness and everything. Hence it’s my ‘supermarket’ of blogginess. It will likely feature whatever is on my mind today, things I want to rant about, or sometimes even helpful stuff.

I’m into healthy living, working out, fishing and outdoors type stuff, so that’s likely what you’ll find here. You can always contact me if you have any suggestions of something you’d like me to drone on about. Or just give me feedback or tell me to shut up or something 🙂

See ya round,
> Flag <