How Do You Look Pretty Without Makeup For School?

Pretty for schoolAaargh – NO MAKEUP AT ALL. But that’s school rules for you. It’s just not worth the fight – here’s why.

Makeup is not beauty – it’s really just fashion.

The beauty of all human beings lies in their natural appearance. So even though you may not think it right now, the truth is you actually look much prettier without your makeup on. Seriously 🙂

The funny thing about makeup is that it generally exaggerates your appearance and makes you look like a doll. Sometimes the creams and powder used for makeup may be harmful to your skin and even cause allergic reactions.

OK, I know you are asking yourself so how do you look pretty without makeup for school? Well, there are so many ways that you can follow to enhance your beauty without using any makeup. The following points vividly describe how you can achieve this and find yourself among the most beautiful and gorgeous students in school.

1. Keep your nails neat and well cared for

The secret of beauty without makeup lies in your nails. Your fingernails are always exposed for people to see. Take extra care with them. Always ensure that you thoroughly clean your nails before leaving for school. Dirty nails will kill your elegant natural beauty.

The other thing you ought not to forget is base coating your nails, this will prevent the tips from turning yellow.

2. Always smile

Smiling is one of the easiest ways of exposing your beauty naturally. It is so much cheaper and will not cost you anything. Even if you have your own flaws, smiling will actually distract people and they will not even notice them. Try to keep your teeth clean because clean teeth make your smile bright every time.

3. Groom yourself well

You need to be well groomed to highlight your natural beauty. You can achieve this by having beautiful skin and clean hair.

Always have a good skin care routine – cleanse your face each day to keep it clean and free from dead cells. You can also use UV moisturising creams to keep your skin soft, moisturised and protected from the sun. You might have spots or some acne, and this can be disturbing. If it’s really bad, see your doctor for advice. Otherwise the best way to treat spots on your face is to just let them be! They will fade away in no time. Picking at them can leave scars, so don’t!

Drink enough water, dehydration will make your skin look tired – and make you feel tired. You don’t have to drink loads, just a little and often to make sure you don’t reach a point where you feel thirsty (by then you are already dehydrated).

4. Always keep your head high and be confident

Confidence is the best way to show people that you look pretty without your makeup on. Never doubt yourself, instead act like you know what you are doing. Let people know that indeed you look gorgeous naturally. This can be achieved by complementing your look by a confident smile and walking style.

5. Dress well (wear clothes that you feel comfortable in)

Your outfit will always make or kill your beautiful appearance. Always put on clothes that you are comfortable in. it doesn’t matter what other students put on, always be yourself and dress decently. Decency is the ultimate key to natural beauty. Put on clothes that fit you well, not oversized ones or those that are too small.

The above tips are just a few ways of how to look pretty for school without your makeup on. I promise you don’t need to buy expensive makeup kits for you to look beautiful, because you are already are.

I’ve Started Drinking Green Tea

Green tea leavesIf you haven’t tried it, you’re probably thinking what the heck is green tea. Surely tea only comes in black and white – it’s black, then you add milk!

But my friends, there’s a whole world of tea out there that most of us tea bag buyers have absolutely no clue about. I count myself still mostly as one of them 🙂

So What Is Green Tea?

Green tea is essentially tea that is made from unfermented leaves. It’s a drink that has been used in Asia for thousands of years, has been linked to providing loads of those beneficial antioxidants, and like black tea comes from the same camellia sinensis bush (I think – still learning…).

What Are The Benefits Of Green Tea?

Aside from helping you lose weight – apparently, not something I was particularly interested in. But it has also been shown to be useful according to medical studies for those that suffer from certain mental health problems. It is able to help you regulate your body temperature, improve the functionality of your heart, heal wounds, stop bleeding, and help with digestion problems. Apparently.

I’m no medical expert so do your own research here of course. But all of these benefits appear to be available from tea leaves that can be purchased at your local store. Interesting eh? Certainly better than that fruity water stuff.

Fitness Benefits Of Green Tee

First of all, as mentioned before, green tea has antioxidants. Green tea also contains catechins which is from where the antioxidants are derived. It also helps with the absorption of folic acid, iron, and helping with cholesterol levels. It has also been shown to help those that suffer from high blood pressure, and also the prevention of Parkinson’s disease. It’s even good for your skin ladies (because clearly us men folk don’t care about having ragged skin on our face…). All of these benefits are rolled up into this beverage that dates back thousands of years ago. Modern science is now catching up to what the ancients have always known, a beneficial beverage that everyone should drink for their health.

Guess What – It Tastes Good Too!

I know, this is the craziest bit. Normally healthy stuff tends to be worse right?

Now, I will admit it does take a little getting used to. Mainly because you drink this without milk, and it does taste different. But I quickly grew to like it, and now love the stuff. You can find all sorts of different types and blends – I’m a convert – more tea stories soon!

Is Fruit Infused Water Just a Fad?

fruitywaterInfusing your water with natural fruit has become the latest craze in food-conscious circles. There are even special water bottles which are designed for these fruit and water infusions. But are you actually getting anything valuable out of this process, or is it just the latest in nutritional fads?

When you infuse water with fruit, not a whole lot gets from the fruit into the water. Some of the valuable nutrients in fruit are water soluble, like Vitamin C, but not many. Mostly what happens is that some of the natural fructose, or fruit sugar, leeches into the water along with the oil-soluble compounds responsible for the flavor and smell of the fruit.

The fruit that is most commonly used for infusing is lemons. Lemons have a lot of aromatic oils in their peels; that’s the spray of liquid and strong smell you get when you twist a fresh lemon peel. Proponents of fruit infusion claim that infusing water with lemons will release citric acid into the water, and that getting more citric acid into your system can prevent a multitude of chronic health issues. In addition, citric acid helps improve skin quality and reduce the appearance of blemishes.

Be very careful to keep an infusing bottle clean when not in use and refrigerated when it is being used. Keeping warm, wet fruit in the calm interior of a bottle is just asking for explosive bacterial growth and real trouble. And regardless of any of the benefits of infusion, drinking bacteria-laced water isn’t going to do your body any favors.

One way in which fruit infused water can really benefit your health, however, is by improving the taste of your water and therefore encouraging you to drink more of it. Getting enough water to drink each day is absolutely vital to maintaining your health, but a lot of people have trouble following this directive since they don’t like drinking plain water. Fruit infused water could be the answer to that problem, since it provides all the benefits of drinking plain water without the downsides of added sugar and chemicals from drinking juice, soda, or other beverages.

There isn’t much in the way of empirical evidence supporting the health claims of fruit infused water. There might be some vitamins, natural sugars, and aromatic oils released into the water during the infusion process, but it’s still up in the air whether these infusion by-products actually provide any health benefits. Regardless of this, drinking fruit infused water certainly won’t hurt you, as long as you keep everything clean and sanitary, and might help you to improve your health by increasing your water intake.

Seems You Love Them Or Hate Them: Tattoos

badtattooTattoos certainly divide opinion. There are those who just straight dislike the way they look through to those who enjoy the art but wouldn’t want one on their own skin. Then there’s the enthusiasts, those who spend their lives buildling up an incredible canvas of tattoo artwork right on their body.

Me, well I’m somewhere in the middle. I personally have one very small and not particularly good tattoo. On reflection it was a mistake, but only because it was impulsive and I chose badly. I can however greatly appreciate the incredibly beautiful work that makes up some tattoos. Some of these artists would be hung on the walls of our finest galleries if they had chosen to use regular canvas instead of skin for their work!

Of course, there’s the shoddy end of them market too. The drunken tattoo, the badly copied from the internet job, or the bad spelling job or even the “did it at home myself”…

Thankfully there is a way out for people who unfortunately fell into this latter category. You can get tattoos very cleanly removed now using laser removal services like those at Texas Tattoo Busters (find them on Facebook here too). Because things have changed a lot with this technology – the results can be virtually undetectable, which is amazing considering this was designed to be a permanent thing.

And I can tell you, from seeing the results of even the very first treatment (thankfully they cover San Antonio too) I am incredibly impressed. It depends very much on the type of tattoo you have, but watching a tattoo fade by about 80% in seconds before your very eyes is just like magic.

I should point out that it’s not cheap, it is uncomfortable (painful if you have a low pain threshold) and it does take multiple treatments. It is however the only sane option if you want to get ink removed. There are other crazy surgical or acid based things people do but I’d rather keep a bad tattoo than go that route. The other possibility is a cover-up tattoo, which really can work – but find a properly talented artist and see what they can some up with.


hormonesI read some odd magazines sometimes – everything from health mags to car mags, my home is like a doctors waiting room!

And here’s something intriguing from a health mag I came across today that I thought I would share. I am a bit of a gym workout fan, but I’d never come across ‘prohormones’ before. Have you?

So What Exactly Are Prohormone Supplements?

These are supplements that you take which can effectively amplify the hormones that already exist in your body. Examples of these would be proinsulin which can help increase the amount of insulin that your body produces in the pancreas, or might even help with the ability of insulin to avoid insulin resistance. Many bodybuilders use these Prohormones in an attempt to get more muscle mass. Instead of using anabolic steroids, which can have massive effects, it is a supplement that can be taken in place of steroids to enhance the effects of testosterone to get a similar end result.

Testosterone And Prohormones

If you have testosterone in your body in large quantities, and you take prohormone supplements, it can actually act like an anabolic steroid helping to increase the potential of building muscle mass.


It also does much more than help with muscle mass, as it also increases endurance, recovery time, and may lead to more need body mass. By reducing fat levels, and increasing muscle mass, bodybuilders can get the desired results without having to take steroids. There have been some prohormones side effects noted with those that have used them, such as affecting the way that your liver is able to process toxins in your body. Although the effects are considered to be rare, and will only develop in extreme cases.

So it seems if you would like to increase your ability to build muscle mass, increase your endurance, and decrease recovery time, you might want to consider taking pro-hormones. Any supplement that can help you improve muscle gains without having to worry about all of the problems typically associated with steroids, yet still achieve the desired results, has got to be a move in the right direction hasn’t it?

So I’m certainly intrigued enough to want to dip my toe in a bit further. I’ll let you know how I get on 🙂