How Do You Look Pretty Without Makeup For School?

Pretty for schoolAaargh – NO MAKEUP AT ALL. But that’s school rules for you. It’s just not worth the fight – here’s why.

Makeup is not beauty – it’s really just fashion.

The beauty of all human beings lies in their natural appearance. So even though you may not think it right now, the truth is you actually look much prettier without your makeup on. Seriously 🙂

The funny thing about makeup is that it generally exaggerates your appearance and makes you look like a doll. Sometimes the creams and powder used for makeup may be harmful to your skin and even cause allergic reactions.

OK, I know you are asking yourself so how do you look pretty without makeup for school? Well, there are so many ways that you can follow to enhance your beauty without using any makeup. The following points vividly describe how you can achieve this and find yourself among the most beautiful and gorgeous students in school.

1. Keep your nails neat and well cared for

The secret of beauty without makeup lies in your nails. Your fingernails are always exposed for people to see. Take extra care with them. Always ensure that you thoroughly clean your nails before leaving for school. Dirty nails will kill your elegant natural beauty.

The other thing you ought not to forget is base coating your nails, this will prevent the tips from turning yellow.

2. Always smile

Smiling is one of the easiest ways of exposing your beauty naturally. It is so much cheaper and will not cost you anything. Even if you have your own flaws, smiling will actually distract people and they will not even notice them. Try to keep your teeth clean because clean teeth make your smile bright every time.

3. Groom yourself well

You need to be well groomed to highlight your natural beauty. You can achieve this by having beautiful skin and clean hair.

Always have a good skin care routine – cleanse your face each day to keep it clean and free from dead cells. You can also use UV moisturising creams to keep your skin soft, moisturised and protected from the sun. You might have spots or some acne, and this can be disturbing. If it’s really bad, see your doctor for advice. Otherwise the best way to treat spots on your face is to just let them be! They will fade away in no time. Picking at them can leave scars, so don’t!

Drink enough water, dehydration will make your skin look tired – and make you feel tired. You don’t have to drink loads, just a little and often to make sure you don’t reach a point where you feel thirsty (by then you are already dehydrated).

4. Always keep your head high and be confident

Confidence is the best way to show people that you look pretty without your makeup on. Never doubt yourself, instead act like you know what you are doing. Let people know that indeed you look gorgeous naturally. This can be achieved by complementing your look by a confident smile and walking style.

5. Dress well (wear clothes that you feel comfortable in)

Your outfit will always make or kill your beautiful appearance. Always put on clothes that you are comfortable in. it doesn’t matter what other students put on, always be yourself and dress decently. Decency is the ultimate key to natural beauty. Put on clothes that fit you well, not oversized ones or those that are too small.

The above tips are just a few ways of how to look pretty for school without your makeup on. I promise you don’t need to buy expensive makeup kits for you to look beautiful, because you are already are.